Landing at Green Beach

D+45, Operation Cleaver is under way. Air assault units had secured Poshlost farm, so the next phase of the crossing went into action. The Cadian 88th, Vostroyan 9th, and Vostroyan 21st would land on the north shore at Green, Red, and Blue beach respectively. The Cadian 88th landing at Green Beach, were expected to faceContinue reading “Landing at Green Beach”

The Assault on Poshlost Farm

D+45, 15 days after the Imperial Guard got to the Vorn River, Operation Cleaver went into action. Lord General Van Graff had to be sure reinforcing regiments could land, and supplies could be brought up. Tallarn troops and Elysian troops had made landfall, and would make their presence known shortly. The Elysian 7th Heavy AirContinue reading “The Assault on Poshlost Farm”

Assault on the Gopnik Bridge

Now that the Cadians had made their assault into downtown Ushankaton, they moved quickly onto the bridge. The only bridge across the mile wide Vorn River was the Gopnik bridge, here in Ushankaton. Major Colonel Viers pushed his troops hard, though they had been fighting non-stop for the past few weeks through operation Panic inContinue reading “Assault on the Gopnik Bridge”

Battle for Ushankaton

After days of slogging through the Blackwoods, on the heels of the retreating PDF in constant skirmishes, the Cadians reach Ushankaton. The PDF held the area, but it was unknown how many troops were still on the southern side of the Vorn River; the Cadians however, had no time to properly recon the area andContinue reading “Battle for Ushankaton”

Battle for the Debilton Church

The Cadians were on the move in the Blackwoods, the Valhallans needed to keep up with them. They continued their assault on the town of Debilton, many of the enemy troops had already retreated north. Belacanian troops had already vacated the village entirely and retreated, the PDF troops however were far less mechanised and couldn’tContinue reading “Battle for the Debilton Church”

Operation Panic

As Lord General Van Graff made planetfall, he brought with him more regiments of the Emperor’s hammer. With that, came supplies, enough to kickstart the campaign while the promethium from the plant the Vostroyans recently captured could be used. He was briefed upon reaching Belrusia, and formed his battleplan. A poweful, overwellming show of firepowerContinue reading “Operation Panic”

Assault on the Promethium Plant

In the early morning hours of D+17 the Vostroyan 9th makes it to the North end of the Toral Valley, and the Militia lines. Militia troops had dug in with breastworks to stop any assault on the all so important promethium plant. Scions and Kasrkin had already made an attack on the plant itself, nowContinue reading “Assault on the Promethium Plant”

Assault on Control Station 1

As Lord General Van Graff makes planetfall, he takes command of the campaign from orbit. His first order, is to deploy units of Scions, Kasrkin, and Harakoni Warhawks to assault the Promethium plant on the Vorn River. These troops could deploy behind enemy lines, and secure the plant from sabotage while the Vostroyans continue theirContinue reading “Assault on Control Station 1”

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