The Crusade amongst the stars by a lone man to collect all the Imperial Guard!

Dash to Highway One

Immediately upon landing on Belrusia, the Tallarn 64th Armored Regiment and elements of the Macharian Lionguard moved around the North end of Blyatsville. Their primary goal was to reach Highway One and cut off the town from Cykagrad and their supply lines. Major Nisri’s Leman Russ encountered engine problems, so lagged behind Sword troop, thatContinue reading “Dash to Highway One”

The Vorn River Miracle

D+48, the day after Poshlost farm had been recaptured by the enemy forces. The Cadian 88th, Vostryoyan 9th and 21st Regiments were now the only Imperial units on the North side of the Vorn river currently. As such, the Belrusian PDF continue their effort to drive the Imperials off their world. They launch an allContinue reading “The Vorn River Miracle”

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