The Crusade amongst the stars by a lone man to collect all the Imperial Guard!

Landing at Green Beach

D+45, Operation Cleaver is under way. Air assault units had secured Poshlost farm, so the next phase of the crossing went into action. The Cadian 88th, Vostroyan 9th, and Vostroyan 21st would land on the north shore at Green, Red, and Blue beach respectively. The Cadian 88th landing at Green Beach, were expected to faceContinue reading “Landing at Green Beach”

Operation Cleaver

It had now been 30 days since the Imperials had made planetfall on the planet of Belrusia, on the Securas Peninsula. The campaign for it, and the planet capital of Cykagrad had proved more difficult than planned. Set-back after set-back, had slowed what had been planned as a week long march with no casualties toContinue reading “Operation Cleaver”

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